Breathtaking Graphic Design Examples

Graphic design refers to various artistic, inventive and professional disciplines that focus on visual communication, production, and presentation for its audience.There are numerous systems visual fashioners use to make and mix words, images, and pictures to shape a visual portrayal that passes on a specific thought or message. A portion of these systems incorporate typography, photograph control and symbol outline.

1.Vector Design

Vector graphics differ from bitmap or pixel graphics in two main ways; vectors can be re-sized without losing any quality and they are also simpler and more focused on the important details rather than all the details of a graphic.
A vector design is basically an artwork made up of vector-based tools such as lines, curves and basic shapes.

 Halle Berry by UniqueDee

Halle Berry by UniqueDee

2.Photo-Manipulation Design

Photo manipulation is a graphic design method involving photography, illustration, and digital art all together to form a manipulated piece of art. Manipulating real-life photos allows the artist to create an entirely made up fantasy from reality!
Nowadays, photo manipulation is used in numerous fields such as advertising, simply because of its power to let viewers view the world from an entirely different perspective or angle. And once you’ve made your audience believe in another world, you can make them believe in anything else!

Future Reflections by Patrick Monkel

Future Reflections by Patrick Monkel

3.Typography Design

Typography is a graphic design practice that involves arranging various text types to produce a unique work of art that has nothing but text.
The reason it has become a very popular technique is because of its ability to focus solely on the content of the art without any distractions. Typography designers usually try to convey an idea or a message in their art to catch their audience’s interest.

 Just Be Creative by Marion

Just Be Creative by Marion

4.Icon Design

Icon design is usually involved in creating efficient graphical user interfaces. Instead of using boring text blocks to navigate around, graphic and web designers create icons to make it easier and friendlier for the users to go through the interface.
Some people enjoy icons because they give them a sense of customization for their own personal computers; for example, Mac users like to download all kinds of Dock Icons to modify their Macs to fit their needs.

Earth Icon 2 by Nemed

Earth Icon 2 by Nemed

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